Angus and Julia Stone

Brother and sister duo Angus & Julia Stone have their latest release in “Down The Way,” an album decidedly different from their 2007 debut. Where their first release left more to be desired—in both lyric and arrangement—the new release features thirteen tracks that more than make up for it. The writing has improved ten-fold and the arrangements are both gorgeous and simple; both daring and peaceful. This time around, the Stone duo handle their own production, and the result makes this album a must-listen. Lead vocals are divided amongst the two throughout the disc, but each song stands on its own and warrants listen after listen. Though released in March in the U.S., “Down The Way” has an undoubtedly autumnal feel to it; a perfect soundtrack for the transition of the seasons.

“Big Jet Plane,” the first single from the sophomore disc, featuring Angus on lead vocals, is a crooning love song that you’ll find yourself humming in no time. The simplicity of the lyrics—“Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane”—are only enhanced by the arrangement and vocal. The EP release of the single also features a whimsical take on “You’re The One That I Want,” a cover that currently stands as the #1 most purchased Stone song on iTunes. Also available on iTunes is the bonus track version of “Down The Way,” which features three music videos.

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The Buzz track:  “And The Boys”, “Big Jet Plane”



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