Gotye - Making Mirrors

Progressive mellowsiding hypnogogic groove music has been experiencing a rather pleasant rise in the last 10 years or so, all the more because it's been finding ways to meld a galaxy of influences into continually reconstituting parameters. Gotye, which appears to base itself in Wally de Backer (who wrote everything), Lucas Taranto, and Francois Tetaz, has, in creating Making Mirrors, brought equal measures of Sting, Ibiza, electro-groove, Sade, chart pop, progsthesia, Cafe Jacques, Buggles, maybe a touch of Goldfrappe, Phil Collins - even a shade of Max Headroom! - while blending dance-floor with chill-out and cool-wave in order to narcotize the listener into euphoric cloud sways and smiling bootyshaking.

There's a morphing mindset to the frequently breathy lyrics, words encompassing the technocratic ("State of the Art"), the wistful, the ironic, the gently neurotic ("In Your  Light"), and varying other emotions, but the closer, "Bronte", is perhaps the most impressive, conveying the bittersweet anguish of life and separation:

Now your bowl is empty / And your feet are cold / And your body cannot stop rocking / I know / It hurts to let go

Since the day we found you / You have been our friend / And your voice still / Echoes in the hallway of this house / But now / It's the end

We will be with you / When you're leaving / We will be with you / When you go / We will be with you / And hold you til you're quiet / It hurts to let you go

We will be with you / You will stay with us

Kinda sends a chill up the spine while tingling a pang in the heart, doesn't it?, and the song is unrelentingly gentle, soporific, affective. I could teach a class in Literary Analysis just with those four stanzas (and probably will) while letting the students be carried away to Arcadian meadows by the sonics. Of course, on the other hand, I'm not sure I could stop 'em from dancing on top of the desks to some of the rest of the cuts, so perhaps it'd be best if I just assigned it to them, and you, as homework, saving myself the hassle of getting in Dutch with the administration. Of course, I could sneak the CD onto the school's P.A. system and convert all those bureacrat bastards to a better way, so, yeah, I think that's what I'll do……though it'll first require having to sashay in with Barry Manilow oozing out of a boombox.

Jesus, the things I do for music!

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