Gaelic Storm plays World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

Gaelic Storm delivered a lively performance to a standing room crowd at Philadelphia's World Cafe Live. Lead singer, Patrick Murphy, engaged audience members with his sense of humor and story-telling during songs like "The Night I Punched Russell Crow," and "Slim Jim and the 7-11 Girl." While the band is comfortable with a loosely flowing set, joking amongst themselves and loyal fans, Gaelic Storm is one of the most talented, musically driven bands touring the Celtic scene.

The band, Patrick Murphy, Steve Twigger, Ryan Lacey, Pete Purvis, and Jessie Burns, compliment one another's personalities and musicianship. Pete is fantastic on bagpipes, the Uilleann pipe and Irish whistle, Ryan is a frenetic percussionist, Jessie is exceptional on fiddle, Steve holds down the fort on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Patrick leads the fab five with vocals, harmonica, and humor.

Gaelic Storm played a number of songs from their July '08 release, "What's the Rumpus?", which Murphy proudly announced, "The album debuted at the number one spot on Billboard's World Music chart, thank you...thank you all, after seven albums we finally beat Celtic Women..those, those...lovely women", Murphy muttered under his breathe as fans cheered.

Gaelic Storm is not only for fans of Celtic music; they are an incredible jam band with energy and mainstream appeal.

Check out: Gaelic Storm.

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