"The Works," Jonatha Brooke

Jonatha Brooke released "The Works" at the end of August, and after one listen through, it left us enraptured.

"The Works" is a collection of Woody Guthrie lyrics hand selected by Brooke from The Guthrie Archives. (Guthrie lyrics/Brooke music). While she teams up with the likes of Keb Mo for wonderful duets, the album is Brooke at her best. A prolific songwriter, Jonatha Brooke demonstrates her overall musicality as her music breathes life into Guthrie's lyrics with "The Works." The album is pure, raw, playful, and tender. Jonatha Brooke stays true to herself, and finds a connection with each of the 13 Guthrie penned songs.

Huge fans of Brooke's 2007 "Careful What You Wish For," we believe she deserves tremendous credit for "The Works." Jonatha Brooke is an Independent artist, who gives it her all, whether it is while recording or during a live performance. Jonatha Brooke is everything that is right in the music industry, and "The Works" is absolutely enthralling.

Check out: Jonatha Brooke, and if interested, we suggest you buy a hard copy version of the album.

If you chose to look into Brooke's back-catalog, you need not look far to find another gem. "Careful What You Wish For" was released in 2007, under Brooke's Bad Dog Records, and is a brilliantly crafted piece of work. The album contains 11 Brooke tracks, produced by Jonatha Brooke and Bob Clearmountain, with a memorable visit or two by Eric Bazilian (The Hooters). On "Careful," Jonatha Brooke leads off with a powerful title track. The guitars are robust on the opening tune, and coupled with Brooke's emotive vocals "Careful What You Wish For" entices listeners. Brooke closes the album with "Never Too Late For Love," which is as vulnerable as the first track is fervent. We hear Jonatha Brooke's vocals as natural as her acoustic guitar. Kudos to the producers for the album in its entirety, and the last song has the sound of an all too rare live recording. In between the first and last tracks, "Keep the River On Your Right," "I'll Leave the Light On," and "After the Tears" are standouts. If you're a fan of singer-songwriters, particularly those who refuse to be pigeonholed, "Careful What You Wish For" contains something for you. Brooke's music defies a label (pop, folk, rock), it is just Jonatha, simply superb.

- JL for The Buzz About

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