Laura Veirs at TT The Bears - 9.15.10

Laura Veirs was one of those names that I’d heard a million times over but never got around to looking up. Everyone told me, “You would LOVE Laura Veirs.” But, since I am the kind of person who likes to discover things by himself, I waited. And I’ll admit it, it was to my own detriment; Laura Veirs IS incredible and I DO love her. But I think it took seeing her live for me to finally get into the songs; really understand what Laura Veirs about.

Currently on tour with The Watson Twins and Led to Sea, Veirs is promoting her latest release, “July Flame.” And while T.T. The Bears in Cambridge is far from an ideal listening room, Laura and her band somehow shocked the room into silence. So much so that when a few sound failures occurred, it seemed that what Veirs was creating was beyond words music; beyond sound failure. It was art.

I was lucky enough to catch Laura at the very beginning of her tour, on which she is bringing her newborn son, Tennesssee. I was also lucky enough to be treated to two solid hours of fantastic music. Laura played most of the new record, including songs like “Carol Kaye”, “Wide-Eyed, Legless”, and the title track.

There’s no doubt that the new record is a step in a different direction for Veirs, though it seems difficult to categorize most of her music. “In a way,” Veirs says, “it’s kind of nice that there are different descriptions [on iTunes] for each album, because then people get the idea that it isn’t pigeonholeable music. It draws from traditional folk, but also has overdriven guitars and drums. It’s an amalgamation of styles.”

The tour has Veirs traveling across the country, but she also mentioned in our interview that “The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae,” the record she made a decade ago, is being released on vinyl, and she’ll probably tour for that as well. So, all you readers, if you get the chance to see Laura Veirs live: go. It’s an incredible experience and immensely difficult to vocalize.


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