Edie Carey at Club Passim- 11.13.10

Edie Carey’s performance at Club Passim last week—in support of her new album Bring The Sea — is impossibly difficult to put down in words. An abundance of adjectives come to mind, and none of them would do the show the justice it deserves. It was by far the best live show I’ve seen all year.

Carey’s fans packed into Passim, making the room feel like the most crowded, yet comfortable, living room in town. It seemed that everybody knew everybody, too. Old friends, families, couples young and old—there was a little bit of everything at Passim that night. I found my seat at stage left, and eagerly anticipated the dimming of the lights.

Opening the show was BettySoo, a singer-songwriter based out of Austin, Texas, making her first appearance on the famed Passim stage. And what a lovely appearance it was! Her voice is immensely listenable, and she’s got a dry wit that complimented her softer songs so well. Some standout songs included “Secrets” and “Just Another Lover,” the latter a song that poses the poignant question: “Am I just another lover to you?” BettySoo was an audience favorite, and had the crowd talking during intermission, craving some more. Her latest release, Heat Sin Water Skin, is available at www.BettySoo.com.

It wasn’t long until Edie Carey’s band members made their way on stage, and finally Edie herself, in a black dress with some kickass boots. It must be said that this band was one of the best live bands I’ve ever been witness to. It seems that in the acoustic scene it’s difficult to find a band that won’t play over the lead, but it wasn’t the case this time around. With a violinist, drummer, bassist, and special guest Rose Cousins on background vocal, the sound that permeates Carey’s fantastic new release was recreated in the room. Edie had this to say about the concept of her new album, in an interview with The Buzz About: “Usually it’s hard to figure out what the concept is until after you’re done, but I think it’s definitely reflective of a new chapter in my life. Getting married a year ago and entering this slightly more grown-up chapter has been weird and good and all those things. And I think that shows a lot on the record.”

The band played much of the latest release, including songs like “Love”, “Enough”, and “With You Now”, the song in which the title is found. Picking a favorite from the new album is a fruitless task; each song is one that you’ll be calling your favorite. Carey also treated the audience to old favorites like “Hollywood Ending”, and did a stunning second encore with “Violently”.

For more information about Edie Carey, and to buy her newest release Bring The Sea, go to www.ediecarey.com.

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