Antje Duvekot - Club Passim

On a snowy night in Cambridge, there was no better place to be than the late show at Club Passim, where Antje Duvekot played a ninety-minute set to an intimate, keeping-warm crowd. Fans of Duvekot were in for quite the treat, as Antje debuted several new songs that will be on her upcoming record. She bashfully noted that she’ll be doing fan fundraising for this new record, so keep an eye on to help out.

The new songs were just what you’d expect from the stunning singer-songwriter: little pieces of poetry that tell the truth. Duvekot has a voice that can sing the devil to sleep, and it’s never been showcased better than on her newer tunes. The Passim audience was treated to several of these, including “Weary Bones”, “Sleepy Sea of Indigo and Blue”, “New Siberia”, and “Alabama Skies”, one of Antje’s best songs yet.

Duvekot was solo, save the help of fiddle-player Sara Milonovich, who graced the stage to play along on some Antje’s hits. Near the end of her set is when Antje treated her fans to “Long Way”, one of the best contemporary folk songs I know. Following this, Duvekot did a lovely cover of “Cowboy Singer”, the Dave Carter tune.

A personal highlight for yours truly was a lovely performance of “Anna”, a song Antje wrote for her grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Antje played it recently at TEDMED—a TED conference that tackled contemporary diseases.

Fans who could not make the show were able to live stream it on Concert Window, the first concert streaming social network. Check out for upcoming streaming shows you can watch from the comfort of your living room!

Duvekot also mentioned a new live CD that’ll be out in February, so look out for that, too!

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