Beyoncé - Ovation Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

The 2.4 billion dollar Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ is majestic. To celebrate its opening weekend, the Revel called on the preeminent queen of the stage, Beyoncé, for a four night run of shows over Memorial Day Weekend.

Celebs flocked throughout the weekend to catch Beyoncé’s first return to the stage after the birth of her daughter in January. Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, and others were spotted on Monday night, the last of the four shows. First Lady Michelle Obama attended with her daughters on Saturday.

Beyoncé’s audience Monday evening was diverse, all ages, races, and ethnicities. Audience members in the 5,000 plus seated venue at the Revel united in screams as a screen dropped to start off the night displaying the larger than life silhouette of two dancers. Darkness, and fans erupted as a silhouette of the queen of the night appeared, as she struck a definitive pose with her microphone.

“B is back,” Beyoncé announced toward the end of her two hour set on Monday. Back with a fierce passion for her music and fans. Beyonce sang a sampling of songs from her latest effort 4, including, “1+1” and an impassioned version of “Love On Top.” As Beyoncé sang, “When I need you make everything stop...” the band dropped out, and the audience eagerly continued the lyrics in unison, and Beyoncé joined in after two choruses from the crowd.

Beyoncé ran through fan favorites and mainstream hits, “Crazy In Love,” “Irreplaceable,” and “If I Were a Boy” while dancing and ensuring her fans were on their feet dancing along with her. “Dance like you are at home and no one is around,” Beyoncé encouraged her adoring fans.

A single spotlight shone on Beyoncé as she started to sing Whitney Houston’s version of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” Beyoncé’s beautiful vocals carried the opening of the song into the first chorus, which she then wove into her own “Halo.”

Beyoncé ended the night with “Single Ladies.”

Incredibly energetic and supremely staged, Beyoncé delivered a heartfelt, vocal powerhouse performance.

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