Taylor Swift Turns Philadelphia RED - A Special Review

On July 19, Taylor Swift brought her RED tour to Philadelphia. Fifty thousand people packed Lincoln Financial Field for the first of her two sold out Philadelphia performances. Seventeen songs, an estimated ten costume changes, two stages, and Taylor Swift's genuine enthusiasm for her music and fans defined the RED tour.

We thought it best to turn our coverage over to special correspondents. Join us in reading the impressions of three sisters, ages 7 - 12, and a brief summary from their Mother!

Katie (7, almost 8):

I went to the Taylor Swift concert on July 19, 2013 at 6:30PM.  She had three (3) people open up for her then the lights went out and she started singing. Then when she came out the crowd went wild! She started singing “State of Grace”.  There were lots of lights everywhere and the best part was I thought she was actually singing to me personally.  The dresses were so cool because she kept changing them.  She has this white one that was long and plain then she ripped that off and had a black dress under it.  There was another one that looked like it had clear flowers on the sleeves that was long and really pretty.  Then when she sang “We are Never Getting Back Together” and there was a lot of fireworks and sparkling everywhere. Then the concert was over and that was my first concert.

Megan (10):

The Taylor Swift concert I went to was on July 19, 2013.  It was at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  When it started, Austin Mahone, Joel Crouse and Ed Sheeran performed as opening acts.  At 8:45PM a song came on that pumped up the crowd.  When the song was over, that is when the shadow came on of Taylor Swift.  The crowd went crazy.  When the curtain was raised, she made a few poses, a speech and then a song.  After that, it was all crazy loud, sweaty and really fun.  One of the best parts was the way she changed outfits.  All of the costumes were really cool and stylish.  I am really amazed in the little time she had, she managed to change in.  Anyway, that was my best concert ever.  When the time came for the end, there were fireworks and sparks everywhere shooting out of the place.  It was really cool and a great experience.

Bridget (12):

I went to the Taylor Swift Red Tour on July 19, 2013.  This was my second concert for Taylor that I have been to, but this one was unforgettable. I attended with my Mom, my two younger sisters, my best friend and her Mom.  Taylor Swift’s opening acts were Austin Mahone, Joel Crouse and Ed Sheeran and they all put on a very good show that got everyone excited for Taylor’s performance.
Finally, the time came, at 9:00PM, you could hear Taylor Swift singing “State of Grace”.  Everyone was on the edge of their seats when they saw her shadow behind a long red curtain.  Halfway through the song, the curtain dropped and there she was.  All the sudden, everyone was up on their feet cheering, singing, screaming and yelling as loud as they could.  Taylor Swift was dressed in a white shirt, tight black shorts and wearing red lipstick.  Following the first song, Taylor sang, “Holy Ground”, “You Belong with Me”, “Lucky One” followed by “Mean”.  After those songs, Taylor started to sing “Stay Stay Stay” and halfway through her song, she started to sing “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers.  It sounded very nice and I thought it was a cool twist on the song.  After finishing that song, Taylor moved on to the famous song “22”.  After that, Taylor was carried through the crowd and performed on a stage in the middle of the crowd closer to our seats, which was really cool.  On that stage she sang “Safe and Sound” as well as a duet with Ed Sheeran.  The crowd cheered loudly as they performed “Everything Has Changed”.  Following that song was “Begin Again”.  During the next song “Sparks Fly”, tons of different colored fireworks flew out of the stage.  After that, Taylor was carried back to the main stage where she played the piano and sang “All Too Well”.  After that was “Love Story”, “Treacherous” and finally, the grand finale was “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.  During that song, red, purple, green and blue fireworks shot out of the stage.  It was very cool to watch and it was a great way to end an awesome show.  Taylor Swift never lets you leave a show without wanting to see her again.

Jenna  (42):

I was very pleased with our Taylor Swift concert experience.  Despite extremely warm temperatures  outside at the Linc, Taylor put on a memorable performance.   Packing that large of a venue for two (2) sold out nights speaks volumes about this local girl turned superstar!  While her songs are mostly relating to relationships gone bad, she took some time to explain some of their meanings and her feeling involved in creating them.  I was entertained by the costume changes, stages and fireworks.  Taylor engaged the crowd and made an effort to ensure everyone had a view of her.   I found myself singing along with my daughters for the two (2) hour performance.  Taylor is a positive role model who appears to truly enjoy her fans and performing for them. While the Dads in attendance were definitely outnumbered, I would recommend this concert as a great time and enjoyable for all ages.

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